Power Up Your Brain by Moving Your Body

After reading the book “Hjärnstark” or The real happy pill: Power up your brain by moving your body by Anders Hansen I want to share the great benefits we all get from some more exercise. I have always been aware of the great benefits for your body when working out but to discover all the benefits to your brain in regards of reducing stress and anxiety, raise your IQ and slow down your brains aging process was mind blowing to me.

Why dont we all know this?

 If someone invented a pill that made us more creative, happier, less stressed, reduced anxiety and slowed down the aging process of the brain they would probably get the Nobel Prize. Everybody would directly start taking the pill no matter the cost. We would all be informed of all the great things that would come with the pill and all of us would know about it.

The strange thing is that we can get all those benefits just by exercise a bit. Why is it just a few of us that have heard of all the positive things you will get from exercising? It all comes down to money of course! It is free to run and no large company makes a ton of money of it and I guess the press think it is more exciting writing about a miracle pill that someone invented.

What benifits would i get?

You get lots of amazing benefits that are all proven by science.  Some of them are.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost your memory
  • Increase your ability to focus
  • Be more creative 
  • Raise your IQ
  • Slow down the aging process of the brain

It all sounds to good to be true but as mentioned it is all proven by science. I do recomend that you read or listen to Anders Hansens book The real happy pill: Power up your brain by moving your body to get the details and science behind it. It have truly been a motivation for me to get some more exercise in my life.

Kontakta coachen och hypnotisören

Kickstart your healthier life

Find your motivation and remove obstacles from your life to become more fit and in shape. 

How should i exercise?

Some benefits come directly when you start exercise and some of them builds over time. And you don’t have to be a top athlete to get the results for your brain. 

The best exercise is the one that gets done!

  • Get the pulse up at least three times each week with for example jogging, biking, swimming or whatever you enjoy doing for 30-40 minutes each time.
  • Try to walk a bit every day. Get some movement in every day.

Everything counts. 5 minutes walking is better than nothing.

So start power up your brain by moving your body! I certanly will!

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