Why are so many afraid of public speaking?

The sweat is pouring and your heart pounds like a ticking bomb. You feel paralyzed of fear but you have no choice then to go through with the  task even if it may cost you your life. Can you possible survive this? All eyes are watching every move you do. It is all of them out there and just you alone with no where to run… So why are so many afraid of public speaking?

Are you part of a horror movie?

Even if it sounds like a scene from a horror movie this can be a real experience for lots of people to go through when they are faced with a situation that involves public speaking.
Someone said that the worst fear for people in the United States was public speaking, the second thing was fear of dying. So people rather die than make a presentation in front of a group? I’m not sure about the degree of truth in that statement but public speaking seems to be on of the most feared things in modern society.

“Confession of a public speaker” is a book by the author and professional speaker Scott Berkun and he suggest that there are four things in public speaking that makes us afraid and is bad for our primal strive to survive. 

  • We are standing alone
  • In an open space with no place to hide
  • Without a weapon
  • In front of a large crowd of creatures starring at you

When you paint this picture in your mind its easy to see that your unconscious mind sees this as a big threat and do whatever it can to freeze, fight or flee.

This combined that you might unaware have a knowledge of yourself that you are no good, you will be criticized, you’re a bluff, my voice is wrong in some kind or the audience will leave halfway. With this in mind it’s easy to understand that the unconscious mind do what is needed to get you out of this situation.

No more fear of public speaking!

  • Feel at ease and relaxed when you speak
  • Use the power of hypnosis to make the change
  • You might even enjoy talking in front of other

What happens in your body?

What happens in your body when the fight, flee or freeze mechanism activates in the primal brain amygdala?

  • Faster heart rate
  • Faster breathing
  • Sweating
  • Shaking in the body
  • Adrenalin levels increase (to prepare for fight)
  • The body secretes cortisol

If it goes to far the anxiety/panic is a fact and the logical rational part of the brain is blocked and you lose the ability to think clearly.


When studying how the brain works, we find our reasons for why this state of fear occurs. But it holds many of us back. We maybe don’t go for that promotion because of the tough achivement it involves for you and it leaves your important message to others unspoken. 

Don’t let this fear hold you back, I would be more then happy to help you get rid of this fear, discomfort or anxiety connected to this situations.

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