Unlimited power

Unlimited power

Unlimited power a must read

Unlimited power by Anthony Robbins is one of the greatest self-help books that i think serves as a good summary if you want to learn how to perform at your peak while gaining emotional and financial freedom, building your self confidence that enables you to reach your goals. The book is full of hands on techniques that step by step helps you remake yourself to the one you truly want to be.

Unlimited power

Many of the techniques in this book comes from NLP or Neuro Linguistic programming and is something i use on a regular basis with my coaching clients. You will for example learn how to get rid of unease, connect better to other people and changing your states in a matter of seconds.

 In one chapter Anthony talks about modeling and he says that if you want to model excellence we have to start and look at the belief system of excellence. In the book he look at seven beliefs that "successful" people more often than not have in common. I'm not saying that those are the only useful beliefs for excellence or success but they are a start and have worked for lots of others. Can they work for you?

Beliefs of excellence in Unlimited power

Below are the beliefs that is most common found in successful people, Can you align yourself with these beliefs?

Belief #1: Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.

Successful people have the ability to focus on the possibilities in any given situation. They think in terms of possibilities and they believe that every adversity and failure will bring the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Belief #2: There is no such thing as failure. There are only results.

People striving to towards excellence do not believe in failure. Failure does not exist for them and they always seems to get some sort of results. If they don't get the desired outcome, then they see is as a learning experience. As feedback. They öearn and try something new that brings some new or different results. Constant adjust, inspect and adapt.

Belief #3: Whatever happens, take responsibility.

People striving towards excellence operate from the belief that they create their world. When you believe that you create, good or bad, you start to feel empowered. If you don’t believe you create your world you are at the mercy of circumstances. Believe that you are creating your life instead of reacting to the circumstances. 

Belief #4: It’s not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything.

Those kind of people don’t believe they need to know everything about something in order to use it. They use what is essential without get dragged down into every detail. Learn just about the right detail you need and not more. I think a great read to learn more about this is the book 80/20 sales and marketing that discuss this in great detail and can be applied to all areas of life.

Belief #5: People are your greatest resource.

Respect and appreciation for people is a universal quality that all achievers share. They have team spirit, a sense of unity and common goals. Leaders that are successful all understand that the success of their business all depends on their people.

Belief #6: Work is play.

Have you heard of anyone who has achieved success by doing something the person hates? A key to success is a happy marriage between what you do and what you love. Find something you truly enjoy and you will find success.

Belief #7: There’s no abiding success without commitment.

People that are successful are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Commit to your goals and don’t give up until you reach them.

Read Unlimited power because it's really good

I truly recommend you reading this book because it is a chance to tap into the thought process and mindset of Anthony Robbins. This book are the first step to taking his massive success and applying it to your life.

If you are interested in specific NLP tactics that you want to apply these to your daily life, then this is a definite read. Anthony Robbins does a great job of breaking down information and insight to help us reach our full potential and to awaken to our true selves.

Magnus Löflund

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